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Mold 3226 by Reinhold Merkelbach. Photo courtesy of K. Hadley

Mold 3226 by Reinhold Merkelbach. Base markings. Photo courtesy of K. Hadley

picture from original catalog

According to this design is by August Wilhelm Menningen, circa 1927, and it has been in production until 1953 because of its popular demand.
However, an original model list by Reinhold Merkelbach accurately dates this design to 27 January 1922 as the date it was taken into production. (related link)

The model was produced in 1/2L, 0.3L, 1/4L and 0.4L versions and has been sold by Merkelbach until the end of 1953.

type stein materialstoneware
producer Reinhold Merkelbach
producer info
designer/decoratorWilhelm Menningen
design date27-jan-1922   
height 15.0 cm (appx. 5.9 inches.)   

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