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Bowling stein

from the collection Paul van Eck

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"Vivat das Kranzl" is the title of this bowling stein.

The stein is marked with the stamp of Porzellan und Steingutfabrik Ludwig Wessel (related link). It was produced circa 1880 ~1890.

The decoration is a tranfer-print / hand colored scene of a group of men bowling. They seem to be having lots of fun. A boy is responsible for making sure the balls roll back to the players.

The stoneware stein has a heavy pewter lid. Inscribed on the lid is the verse "Ein guter Trunk ist jedem Recht. Dem Pürsen Bürger und dem Knecht". In the cartouche in the middle of the lid are 4 playing cards.

type stein materialstoneware
producerother mold-
design date1880-1890   
height 12.7 cm (appx. 5 inches.)   

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