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Steam train

from the collection Paul van Eck

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A nice stein, produced by Marzi & Remy, circa 1900.

"Mit volldampf voraus." (full steam ahead) and "Allzeit treu für Kaiser und Reich." (always loyal to our emperor and empire) are the two phrases that are prominently featured on this stein, together with a nice scene of a steam locomotive.

This stein sadly does not have a lid, but the uncommon scene still makes it very pleasing to have in my collection.

The stein has a capacity of 1/2 liter, and is marked 'gesetzl. geschützt' and the digit '6' on the base.
The black handle in combination with the markings identify this as having been produced by Marzi & Remy.

type stein materialstoneware
producer Marzi & Remy
producer info
design date1890-1910   
height 19.2 cm (appx. 7.5 inches.)   

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