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wax decorative plaque

from the collection Paul van Eck

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Wax plaque, front view

Wax plaque, back view

A decorative plaque made enterely out of wax.

This wax plaque features a bearded man, holding a stein in one hand, and a pipe in the other. On the table in front of him is an empty plate, so it seems he's now enjoying his beer and his smoke, after his welldeserved dinner. The decoration is in high relief.

"Hopfen und Malz, Gott Erhalts" is written in the bottom right corner of this plaque. A wellknown phrase to all stein collectors.

Based on the retailer's label on the back of this plaque, it was made somewhere in the 2nd half of the 20th Century in Augsburg, Germany.

The label reads:
Karl Krais
Calmbergstr. 3
8900 Augsburg

The plaque measures 33 x 25,5 centimeters and weighs 1400 grammes (1.4 kilos).

type plaque material* other *
producerother mold-
design date20th C   
height 33.0 cm (appx. 12.9 inches.)   

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