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19th centiury Bohemian glass pokal

from the collection Paul van Eck

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Bohemian glass Pokal by Fritz Heckert

Bohemian glass Pokal by Fritz Heckert. Detail of decoration.

Bohemian glass Pokal by Fritz Heckert. Close-up of the lid.

Bohemian glass Pokal by Fritz Heckert. Maker's mark.

Small Bohemian drinking glass by Fritz Heckert.

A beautiful example of the work by the famous glass decorator Fritz Heckert.

Fritz Heckert (born 1837) was decorating glass in Bohemia in the second half of the 19th century. He started his company in 1866, in the city of Niederschreiberhau. The company was called "Fritz Heckert Kunstglas Industrie" (Fritz Heckert art glass industry). The company was active until 1923.

A book on the works of Frizt Heckert has been written by the wellknown specialist on Bohemian glass, Stefania Zelasko. And the glass museum in Passau, Germany, has held a special exhibition on this artist in 2012. (related link) An introduction to the book on Fritz Heckert can be found here: (related link)

This particular piece probably dates to circa 1870 - 1880. It is a glass pokal, standing 33cm tall. It is covered in a beautiful enamelled decoration of finely applied leafs, branches and flowers. The pokal was finished with gold paint.
The small (9.4cm) drinking glass next to the pokal comes from the same company. It has a floral decoration that is typical for Fritz Heckert, and the top rim of the glass again is in gold paint.

type pokal materialglass
producerother mold-
design dateca 1880   
height 33.0 cm (appx. 12.9 inches.)   

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