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What's this site about? is the online catalog of steins and related items for collectors worldwide.
Firstly it is a platform for the presentation of private collections. Secondly it has a growing catalog of products produced by several collectible producers like Reinhold Merkelbach, Dümler & Breiden, Villeroy & Boch, Marzi & Remy, Simon Peter Gerz..
A start has been made with listings of all known Terra Sigillata wares by Dümler & Breiden, and a listing of over 2,400 models by the wellknown producer Reinhold Merkelbach.

All information and listings will stay freely available for your viewing pleasure and to increase the shared knowledge of steins and related items.

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about the webmaster

Paul van Eck

In 1999 my interest for antique German drinking vessels (steins) started when I had a relationship with an American girl. Together we visited some fleamarkets in Holland and during one of those visits she pointed out to me that Americans are keen collectors of German steins.
My initial interest was to buy these steins on the Dutch fleamarkets and subsequently sell them online to the American collectors. I was confident I could make a nice buck or two..

After a couple of those transactions I started noticing the beauty of these items, and from then on I shifted my interest from dealing to collecting.. resulting in a collection of well over 300 pieces now, of which you can find a selection here.

My collection does not limit itself to a specific maker or production region, nor does it only consist of beer steins. I just add to it what I find, basically.. call me a hoarder..
But that, to me, is the fun of the hobby: you never know what you're going to find on your next trip to the antiques-fair, the fleamarket or the various websites. And every piece, being it a stein, a dish or a plaque has it's own history and it's own story to tell.

Since many fellow collectors don't even live on the same continent as me, it is not easy to view their collections. But what is nicer than to be able to share your collection with them? So I came up with this website.

I hope you will enjoy the site and soon join by adding your collection too!


Paul van Eck

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